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The importance of promotion when launching a new product

Consultancy firm Nielsen has just published an interesting international study about the factors which generate success when launching new products. Today, we’ll echo this. We all know that the development and commercialisation of new products is key to attaining organic growth and increased company profitability. Naturally, however, this is not exempt from risk.

The concept of “lean”: more than just a fashion

Everything surrounding the concept of being “lean” is in fashion. And one thing’s for sure: it will be here to stay. As we all know, lean manufacturing was born in Toyota, after the Second World War, but it wasn’t until the end of the last century that it reached the heights of its splendour, when it was implemented en-masse in companies in Europe and the USA. All good until now, but has anyone ever asked what the benefits of lean thinking could be in the context of the finances and administration of a company?

How to reduce the risk of outstanding client payments

Selling is vital, but -don’t fool yourself- earning is even more so. As Spanish Statistical Office recently reported, the number of insolvent debtors has increased by 22.8% in this first trimester, with respect to the same period last year. We’ve all seen that behind most insolvency processes hide cash flow problems rather than lack of profitability. As such, how can the risk of outstanding client payments be reduced? The answer is simple: by managing credit extension properly. And this is a science which requires a thorough portfolio analysis and an optimally designed sales process.

How to turn a sales organisation into a high-performance team

A few weeks ago, we published an article analysing the efficiency of a sales team from the point of view of the sales cycle. Here, we peeled back some of the driving factors which should be activated throughout the process in order to increase volume of sales. Now that’s done, today we aim to home in on one of the key factors for turning an average sales team into a high-performing one: motivation.

How to improve a sales team’s efficiency

European domestic consumption, in terms of past minimums and indicators of business trust, is on the floor. The reports on this continent’s  economic situation that the news floods us with couldn’t be worse. In these adverse circumstances, what can be done to increase our (already battered) turnover? The answer is simple. The efficiency of sales teams, from salespeople to managers, must be maximised, and each of these profiles should make their mark, at some point, in the purchase process of the client or prospect.