Core Industries

Some of the clients who trust us have developed products or services that fall within the following sectors – and therefore these are which we specialize in:


Towards efficient and sustainable forms of energy generation and distribution.

Smart Cities

To strengthen and consolidate a sustainable growth of cities.


Betting on health system’s sustainability on a long term basis.

Circular Economy

Towards the prevention of waste, its reuse and recycling.

Added-Value Services

In a changing environment, we focus on services that support the development and sustainable growth of the industry by offering various solutions under a market-ready approach.
After remodeling of the sector, regulatory stability in an industry such as Energy invites the various actors to deal with new challenges, capitalizing on its know-how in new strategies in an increasingly harmonized European market.

To do this, we support for the development of new models to improve energy efficiency, increase the share of clean energy and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, contributing to the development of new products or applications by adding our business perspective.

More than two thirds of the EU population lives in urban areas, a proportion that continues its upward trend. Also, cities consume 70 % of energy. In this context, it is essential to count with an approach that allows a sustainable development of cities, not only through new forms of energy generation and consumption but also via the development of new applications in transport and sustainable mobility and ICT, more efficient and end-user oriented.

In this sense, Energy for Business supports the validation of new business models aimed at standardization, scalability and end-user acceptance of different applications.

In a context like this, with health systems that seek their long-term sustainability to cope with the gradual aging of the population and where the return on investment in innovation and development is declining, it is necessary to be creative in developing new strategies to remain a strategic sector and access to different markets successfully.

We are committed to support the development of new products or services that enhance our understanding of the causes and mechanisms underlying health, healthy ageing and disease; and improve our ability to monitor health to prevent, detect, treat and manage disease.

Europe’s current linear growth model is highly dependent on finite resources, exposing it to resource volatility and huge loss of value through waste –estimated at 2% of the EU’s total greenhouse gas output-.

A smart economy minimizes the production of waste and reuses waste as a resource. Resource constraints and environmental pressures will accelerate the transformation from an extraction-use-throw away model of production and consumption to a circular one. Moving towards a near-zero waste society not only has an environmental rationale, it increasingly becomes a factor of competitiveness.

From Energy for Business, we contribute to the objectives defined in the Road Map to a Resource Efficient Europe, through the support in the design of new products, services or models to optimize product life cycle and thereby reduce waste along the value chain.

Why Choose Us

We like to complement the skills of our customers, by strengthening the innovation process to make the leap to the market in the best conditions. We turn ideas into market-oriented products or services.